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Veritias Autism Assessments

Highly Specialist Autism Assessments

At Veritas, we believe that children and adults should be able to access timely, professional autism assessments by highly skilled and experienced clinicians. Our expert multi-

disciplinary specialist team offer fast, professional assessments from the age of 24 months.

We provide gold standard, NICE compliant assessments using internationally recognised autism assessment tools

Choosing a Private Autism Assessment

The cost of a private autism assessment with Veritas is not covered by the NHS, and therefore the family or individual commissioning the assessment are responsible for funding

 the assessment.

Unlike the NHS, you can self-refer for an autism assessment with our team (or in the case of a child under the age of 18, a parent or person with parental rights can refer).

An autism assessment with Veritas follows the gold-standard process. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) provides guidelines for autism assessments which

 are evidence-based best practice guidelines that apply to England and Wales.

Our assessment is NICE compliant, and our multi-disciplinary team use internationally recognised autism assessment tools.

Our assessments meet the standards required by public bodies such as the NHS - Find out more about an autism assessment via the links below - 


You can self-refer or refer your child for an autism assessment by 

Calling us on 01302 630444 

or completing our enquiry form

See the website for more information - Meet the Team, Advice & Information, FAQs, Professional Enquiries